• BOSS AirBag LAT-09 Triple bags for hi lift

Made from 2 ply reinforced rubber, these  suspension air bags are designed to fit between the vehicle chassis and the axle or leaf springs. They can be adjusted just like a inflating or deflating a tyre.



BOSS Airbags Suspension System: LAT-09 Triple Bags

  • Can be adjusted for different road conditions and loads
  • Can be used to level your vehicle, both side to side and end to end. Especially useful when towing to ensure that both the vehicle and trailer are aligned.
  • Improve handling, steering and overall balance.
  • Reduce the risk of bottoming out and improves overall ride comfort.
  • Reduce tyre wear
  • Reduce suspension coil wear and tear.
  • Keep headlights pointing to the right angle, not illuminating the sky.
  • Easy to install.

BOSS AirBag LAT-09 Triple bags for hi lift

  • $625.00

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