• Michelin 205/60R16 Energy XM2 92V

Michelin Energy XM2 very quiet long milage and saves up to 7% fuel 


Michelin Energy XM2 specs

MICHELIN Energy XM2 tyres last longer, offer more fuel savings and maximise safety. By delivering more mileage it means less frequent tyre replacements and more savings. Michelin Energy XM2 has improved fuel consumption thanks to a significant reduction in rolling resistance. Also there is no compromise on safety, guaranteeing excellent braking performance in the wet.

Michelin Energy XM2 key features

  • Provides improved grip during cornering & contributes to increased mileage
  • Improved water evacuation providing higher levels of grip in wet conditions
  • Tread rubber adapts itself to the irregularities of the road surface for better grip in all conditions

Michelin 205/60R16 Energy XM2 92V

  • $169.00

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