• Dobinsons Suspension Kit Coil-Leaf DOB4RUNCL

Fit out your Toyota 4Runner (Leaf Front - Coil Rear) with this 2 inch/50mm Dobinson Suspension Kit for a supreme ride every time.

Established in 1953, Dobinsons Spring & Suspension is one of Australia's leading coil and leaf spring manufacturers and suppliers of shock absorbers and suspension components. Exporting around the world since 1985.

This 2 inch kit includes:

  • Dobinson Coil Springs (2 Rear)
  • Dobinson Torsion Bars (2 Front)
  • Dobinson Shocks (2 Front)
  • Dobinson Nitro Gas Shocks (2 Rear)
  • Dobinson Steering Damper

Dobinsons Suspension Kit Coil-Leaf DOB4RUNCL

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